'Star Wars' spoilers. Horrors! How to block them

Star Wars: The box office guide
Star Wars: The box office guide

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes out this week -- in case you haven't heard.

And, thank goodness, a new Google Chrome extension called Force Block will protect you from spoilers.

Actually, Force Block takes a pretty heavy hand at it.

The plug-in will take over your browser any time you visit a Web page that contains a "critical mass" of keywords related to "Star Wars."

"If it detects too many related terms, or certain extremely potent terms, it will flag the page and give you a proper warning," its makers explain.

The best part might be the warnings that pop up. Here's a sampler:

-- "I am altering the web page, pray I do not alter it any further."

-- "Freeze, you Rebel scum! Possible spoilers ahead."

-- "Don't give in to spoilers, that leads to the dark side."

-- "Spoilers not make one great."

-- "Spoilers lead to anger ... anger leads to hate ... hate leads to suffering."

-- "We stopped the spoilers this time, but don't get cocky kid!"

star wars spoiler extension

You can choose to "Continue anyway" or tell Force Block to unblock the Web page for future visits.

The plug-in won't change Google search results or replace text or images within actual sites like other Chrome extensions do. Millennials Begone!, for example, replaces the word "millennial" with "pesky whipper-snapper."

Priceless Misc, the team behind Force Block, updated its browser plug-in on Wednesday, noting that it had added more key phrases used by people who have attended early screenings.

"One of our engineers took one for the team punching those in! Ironic, he could save others from spoilers ... but not himself," the company wrote in a note.

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