Serious backlash brews against Samsung's insane smart refrigerator

samsung fridge silver front
It's a's a's a phablet on a fridge!

Samsung became the laughingstock of CES overnight after the company released photos of its newest refrigerator.

There are four doors on the "smart" fridge.

And on the front of the top right door, Samsung has placed a huge touchscreen display that looks like a giant smartphone.

Images of the appliance circulated on social media late Sunday, followed quickly by jokes about its design and utility.

Among its harshest critics was the Internet of S---, a Twitter account created to parody IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

IoT parody account
IoT parody account
IoT parody account

The "Family Hub refrigerator" has a 21.5-inch HD screen, and you can use it to browse the Web, write notes, play music and even shop. The fridge comes equipped with Internet-connected cameras that can let you view what's inside without opening the doors.

Samsung hasn't yet said how much the fridge will sell for, but existing refrigerators that look similar in design range in price from $4,000 to $6,000. The company also currently sells a fridge with an eight-inch Wi-Fi connected LCD panel that costs about $3,600.

Refrigerators that can go online have been around for well over a decade. But many people still find the cost of the appliances to be too high to justify the limited use cases.

IoT parody account
IoT parody account
IoT parody account

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