Hillary Clinton to be on 'Tonight Show' same week as Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton gets a call from 'Trump' on 'The Tonight Show'
Hillary Clinton gets a call from 'Trump' on 'The Tonight Show'

Maybe "The Tonight Show" should hold a primary.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be a guest on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" on January 14, according to the network.

Clinton will sit down with Fallon weeks before voting begins at the Iowa caucuses on February 1 and the New Hampshire primary on February 9.

The former Secretary of State's appearance also comes just three days after Fallon will have Donald Trump as a guest on January 11.

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That means that Fallon will host both the Republican and Democratic frontrunners for president on "The Tonight Show" in the same week.

Clinton's guest spot also comes on the same night as the Fox Business Network GOP debate .

It will be the second appearance on "The Tonight Show" for Trump and Clinton since the fall.

When Clinton was on the show in September, she played along in a sketch where she was speaking over the phone to Jimmy Fallon dressed as Trump.

"Congratulations, you're speaking to Donald Trump," Fallon said to Clinton in the sketch. "How are you, Hillary? I haven't seen you since my last wedding."

"Oh, well, I'm sure I'll see you at the next one," Clinton responded.

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