Tesla cars can park on their own

Tesla makes handsfree driving a reality
Tesla makes handsfree driving a reality

Tesla's electric cars are about to start parking without a driver.

The company said Sunday its new Autopark feature is ready for Tesla drivers to install.

Autopark allows drivers to step outside their cars and park them remotely -- perfect for squeezing into a tight space or narrow garage while the driver stands nearby.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it's a step forward on the path to fully autonomous vehicles.

Musk made a bold prediction: In as little as two years, Tesla drivers theoretically could be able to "summon" their cars "from across the country."

"If you're in New York and your car is in Los Angeles, it'll [be able to] find you and will automatically charge itself along the whole journey," he said.

But Musk added a reality-based caveat: Tesla cars would need more cameras and radars installed. Musk emphasized that Tesla is developing a hardware system that would be capable of allowing fully driverless trips.

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Autopark follows up Autosteer, which Tesla introduced in October. That feature allows Tesla (TSLA) vehicles to autonomously change lanes, adjust speed and avoid potential collisions.

Tesla's latest software update makes some improvements to Autosteer, including speed adjustments to make the feature safer.

A number of car makers including BMW, Lexus and Toyota sell vehicles that can self-park, but Tesla's technology stands out because it doesn't require the driver to be inside the vehicle.

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