Comcast outages anger thousands across US

5 stunning stats about Comcast
5 stunning stats about Comcast

Comcast service outages sent social media ablaze with complaints from areas all across the country.

The TV and Internet provider's customer service account, @comcastcares, was responding to an onslaught of unhappy customers on Monday.

"[G]et more employees and offer same day help when there's a problem. It's 2016, we aren't sending snail mail for help," one Twitter user wrote.

A map of reported service interruptions from Downdetector, which aggregates outage complaints on social media, showed problems occurred in regions all over the country.

A Comcast (CMCSA) spokesperson told CNNMoney in an email, "It looks like it was a number of markets, but not all customers/not all services were impacted."

In an updated statement issued at 2 pm, Comcast said it has "repaired the temporary network interruption that impacted some of our services this morning. Our engineers continue to work on this issue and almost all services have already been restored." It did not say how many customers were affected.

comcast outages

A slew of Twitter and Facebook users said the service hotline wasn't allowing customers to get in touch with a representative.

Most of the complaints said that none of Comcast's high-definition, or HD, TV channels were accessible. Others reported that their home phones lines were beeping and others couldn't access the Internet or their Xfinity, or Internet-based television, accounts.

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One customer service representative said on Twitter that transmission issues were to blame and the company was "working on redirecting our feeds" and "most areas are back up" as of 12:15 pm ET.

Complaints peaked between 9 am and 12 pm ET on Monday, reaching as many as 17,000 outage reports. The complaints on social media petered out around 4 pm.

Comcast has more than 27 million customers, and 89,000 of those are new cable subscribers the company signed on last quarter. That was its best performance in eight years.

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