Stephen Colbert takes a 'Late Show' phone call from Donald Trump

Donald Trump calls Stephen Colbert on 'Late Show'
Donald Trump calls Stephen Colbert on 'Late Show'

Donald Trump has called into many television shows and now we can add Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show" to the list.

The host of the CBS late night broadcast started his show with a call from the GOP frontrunner. The call came via a bright orange phone with a blonde wig on it that Colbert called "The Trump Phone."

"Hello, who is this?" Colbert said answering the call.

"This is Donald Trump. Hello, Stephen," Trump responded.

Colbert asked the caller to prove that he was actually Donald Trump by saying something only he would say.

"Well, I could say, 'you're fired,'" Trump said to laughs.

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Trump was asked a string of question by the host over the phone from what he was wearing (which Colbert said was the first question of any phone call) to what Trump would do about his "potty mouth" on the trail.

"I can think off the top of my head three things that you have said on air that, and this is true, CBS will not let me repeat," Colbert said. "I've got a suggestion, why don't you have a swear jar, and every time you say a bad word you put a billion dollars in it."

Trump promoted the appearance earlier on Tuesday tweeting out that his phone interview with Colbert would be "a late show first."

Trump's phone interview comes after the candidate was a guest on Colbert's "Late Show" in September and just before South Carolina's primaries on Saturday.

South Carolina is Colbert's home state.

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Colbert wrapped up the phone call by thanking Trump for calling in and rolling the "Trump Phone" off camera.

The host then took a moment, looked up at the camera, and got on with the show.

"Now, together, let's make this show great again," a smiling Colbert said to his cheering audience.


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