Google Translate now covers 103 languages

google translate 103 languages
Google Translate now covers over 100 languages, including Corsican, Kurdish and Luxembourgish.

Google's popular automated translation service Google Translate has reached a new milestone.

Google says it can now translate 103 languages, meaning it can cater to 99% of the online population.

Google Translate said on Wednesday it added 13 new languages, including Corsican, Hawaiian, Kurdish, Luxembourgish, Scots Gaelic and Xhosa.

The company said the new languages will help a combined 120 million new people translate online content.

Google Translate was launched in 2006 and originally translated four languages: English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

The program uses sophisticated "machine learning" to translate large swaths of text and spoken language. Google has also received tips from over 3 million people to improve its translation service.

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