Beauty + Instagram savvy = Supermodel success?

The secret to supermodel success?
The secret to supermodel success?

What makes a supermodel? A gorgeous face and killer walk don't hurt. And today, having a big following on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook also is key to success. Just look at 20-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Hadid is known for her social media presence as well as her high fashion runway campaigns. On Facebook, her photos get tens of thousands of likes.

"I've always been pretty social media savvy," Hadid says. "I really get it and it makes sense to me. I know how to make things natural and tell the people that are following me what I love and what I am into."

She compares her Instagram account, which has over 14 million followers, to a journal. "It's personal, it's how I keep track of the events that I love, the times in my life that I am really enjoying."

On Twitter, where Hadid has 1.6 million followers, she takes a different tack. "I use Twitter more to really connect and talk to people and joke around with them and show my personality and my sense of humor."

Unlike some celebrities, who have a team helping guide their social media posts, Hadid says she runs her own accounts solo and selects what to post carefully.

"I choose the things that make sense to me and the things that I think I can genuinely represent really well," Hadid says. "I don't want it to feel forced to me or it's definitely going to feel forced to the people that I'm sharing it with."

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And if being a supermodel and social media star isn't enough to keep her busy, Hadid loves looking at houses. She owns her apartment and expects she'll invest in more property in the future.

Hadid isn't sure where her modeling career will take her. "I think that fashion modeling is such an incredible industry because it's one that connects with every other industry in the whole world ... I don't know what it will bring me but I'm really open to a lot of things."

Meantime, Hadid says she's learned it's important to be nice in business. "Being someone that people want to work with is so important," she says. "I think that those are things that lead you to other opportunities."

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