Pope Francis getting on Instagram

pope francis instagram ceo
Pope Francis met Instagram's CEO last month.

The Pope is jumping on the Instagram bandwagon.

Starting on Saturday you'll be able to find him on Instagram under the name "Franciscus," according to the Vatican's official communication department.

Pope Francis already has a personal Twitter account, but he doesn't write his own tweets. And he won't be posting pictures either. Vatican staff will do that for him.

The Instagram announcement comes just weeks after Pope Francis met Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

They discussed "the power of images to unite people across different cultures and languages," according to a post on Systrom's account.

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Pope Francis and the Vatican have gravitated to social media and used various platforms to maintain contact and communicate with Catholics around the world.

The move is one of several changes the current pope has brought about to make himself more personable and approachable.

The Vatican maintains official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Systrom co-founded Instagram, which launched in October 2010. Instagram was then acquired by Facebook (FB) in 2012. It currently has hundreds of millions of users, including supermodels and celebrities.

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