Donald Trump complains 'media is so after me' over women

Donald Trump retweets Heidi Cruz, Melania Trump meme
Donald Trump retweets Heidi Cruz, Melania Trump meme

Donald Trump is once again airing his grievances on Twitter.

On Saturday, the Republican presidential frontrunner directed his frustration at the media, which he claims is "so after me on women."

In his tweet about the media's treatment of him, Trump also stated that "nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump!"

Throughout his campaign, Trump has been criticized for his comments about women.

Recently, he compared his wife, Melania Trump, with Heidi Cruz, the wife of his rival candidate Ted Cruz by reposting a side-by-side photo of the two women.

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Trump has also slammed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly ever since she moderated a Republican debate for the network -- he said she was unfairly hard on him. Since then, he's accused her via Twitter of being obsessed with him and has called her "sick," "overrated" and "crazy."

One of his first comments to get negative attention was made about Carly Fiorina before she dropped out of the race. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Trump reportedly said: "Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?"

Trump also reposted several tweets on Saturday from fans who claimed that "women love Trump" and that thousands of women's groups support him.


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