Burger King's newest burger is red hot

We blended burgers...for science
We blended burgers...for science

Burger King's newest creation is all about spice.

The fast food giant's latest burger, dubbed "The Angriest Whopper," has hot sauce baked into its buns, which are even colored red to match the extra heat.

Beyond the bun, the burger includes beef, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion petals, mayonnaise, and -- for extra heat -- jalapenos and a spicy sauce.

The burger, which is the sequel to the chain's "Angry Whopper," is not the friendliest option for calorie counters. The new offering boasts 830 calories, which is more than a regular Whopper (630 calories) or a Bacon and Cheese Whopper (770 calories).

Meet the Angriest Whopper. With hot sauce baked into the heart of a raging red bun, this sequel is better than the original.

Posted by Burger King on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"The Angriest Whopper" will make its debut on March 31, the company said on its Facebook page.

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Burger King is known for its colored buns. The company offered a whopper with a black bun during the Halloween season in 2015.

It's even offered a red-bunned burger in the past, but that sandwich was available only in Japan.

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