Donald Trump stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night

Qatar Airways CEO: Donald Trump is 'smoke and mirrors'
Qatar Airways CEO: Donald Trump is 'smoke and mirrors'

Whether or not you think Donald Trump is qualified to be president, he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Following his rally in Indianapolis Wednesday evening, Trump made his way to a local Holiday Inn Express to stay the night.

After the presidential candidate settled in, he drafted a tweet to thank to the crowd ("Great rally. Fantastic people!"). He used the remaining 66 characters to add a review of his hotel: "New and clean, not bad!".

That's a decent enough review coming from a billionaire real estate mogul who knows a thing or two about hotels.

The tweet brought out the response you'd expect on social media. Thousands of people tweeted, recalling the hotel chain's famous commercials in which unqualified people are suddenly able to perform surgery, fly helicopters, avert nuclear disaster or even rap -- all because they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the previous evening.

At one point Wednesday night, the term "Holiday Inn Express" was trending on Twitter.

This isn't the first time Trump and Holiday Inn have crossed paths.

Trump held a campaign rally at a Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, Wisconsin, on March 29.

And in 1982, Trump wanted Holiday Inn to buy a stake in his Atlantic City casino, according to his book "The Art of the Deal." He said Holiday Inn's board was interested, because they believed Trump's casino was further along than rival construction projects.

But the casino's construction was delayed, and he was concerned that Holiday Inn wouldn't bite.

To make it look like the casino's construction was further along than it really was, Trump told his construction foreman to bring in bulldozers to push dirt and look busy. When Holiday Inn's bigwigs came to the site, it looked like the construction was well under way.

"What the bulldozers and dump trucks did wasn't important, I said, so long as they did a lot of it," Trump wrote.

The trick worked. Holiday Inn invested.

Thirty-four years later, Trump repaid the favor by saying the Holiday Inn Express he stayed in was "not bad."

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