Trump joins other candidates on raising minimum wage, but by how much?

Robert Reich makes the case for higher minimum wage
Robert Reich makes the case for higher minimum wage

Here's a shot in the arm to those fighting to raise the minimum wage: The three remaining presidential candidates are now on their side.

Donald Trump has joined Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in supporting the lifting of the hourly rate. Trump said Wednesday that he is "open to doing something with it," when asked on CNN whether he would consider raising the minimum wage.

This is a reversal of his previous position and a departure from Republican party orthodoxy. During a primary debate in November, Trump said "wages are too high" in America, making it hard to compete with other countries.

So how high would Trump raise the minimum wage?

He didn't say, and his spokeswoman did not respond for comment.

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Both of Trump's potential Democratic opponents back raising the minimum wage, but the issue caused a bit of a dust-up at CNN's debate last month. Clinton said she supports the Fight for $15 movement, which is pushing for a $15 hourly minimum wage, but Sanders quickly pounced, saying people would be surprised at that.

Sanders has long supported lifting the hourly minimum wage to $15, but Clinton took a while to settle on a number. She clarified last year that she would raise the federal rate to $12 an hour, but believes state and local governments should go further.

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