John Oliver rails against Brexit in profane song

John Oliver's ode to the UK and EU
John Oliver's ode to the UK and EU

The argument against Brexit has probably never been so profane, or as funny, as it was on U.S. television Sunday night.

British-born John Oliver took aim at his home country Sunday night with a plea to his countrymen to vote against Brexit. (Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" airs on HBO, which is owned by CNNMoney's parent company, Time Warner).

Oliver's segment on Sunday's show questioned many of the arguments being used by proponents in favor of the U.K. leaving the European Union, calling the arguments "bulls---."

He said proponents of the "Leave" movement vastly overstated the amount of money Brits pay the EU. Oliver also questioned whether it would give the country greater control over immigration and whether it would actually free British companies from EU regulation.

And he played clips of members of the U.K. Independence Party making blatantly racist statements.

But he also acknowledged many faults with the EU, calling it "large, confounding and relentlessly bureaucratic." And he said British citizens have a natural inclination to dislike Europe. Even though he called the idea of Brexit "absolutely insane," he said "on some level, I actually understand. There is an innate British desire to tell Europe to go f--- itself. I feel it too."

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But he said if the UK stays in the EU, "it can reap all of the benefits while still being a total d--- about everything. And that is the British way."

He concluded the piece with new lyrics to the EU anthem, Beethoven's "Ode to Joy."

"F--- you European Union, Tally-ho, you f------ p-----. We are the United Kingdom. You can eat our spotted d----," sang a young boy at the start of the song.

"That being said we're not going to leave you. Turns out we need you nonetheless."

At that point four other adult singers join in, singing "F--- you European Union. It feels good to tell you this!"


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