No 'VIP Uber experience' for delegates at the Republican National Convention

uber democratic convention

At the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, Uber will be offering VIP shuttle service for delegates and top party leaders. They won't, however, be doing the same for Republicans in Cleveland.

It's not a political statement -- Uber and the GOP just couldn't get a deal done.

The "VIP experience" in Philadelphia will mean delegates can hail a Hertz car driven by a Democratic National Convention volunteer driver through the Uber app.

But that's really the only notable difference -- Uber will still have a presence in Cleveland.

Both events will have Uber "Rider Lounges" for delegates and attendees to hang out in, stocked with water, snacks, and phone charging stations, Uber said in a blog post titled "Donkeys, Elephants & Uber."

Uber will also be hosting sponsored events at both conventions, with discussions about policy. It is working to solicit new drivers in both cities to meet anticipated demand.

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"We're continuing to work with the RNC staff very closely, as we have for the past six months, but we were never able to come to an agreement on a formal partnership," Uber spokeswoman said in a statement sent to CNNMoney.

That's unlike some other notable tech companies.

Apple (AAPL) said it would not assist the Republican convention because of Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump's stance on everything from immigration to women. Hewlett Packard also said it wouldn't contribute to the GOP convention. Others like Microsoft (MSFT)have pulled back, providing technology services, but not cash to the event.

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