Find Pokeballs and dinner with Yelp's new Pokestop filter

Small biz profiting from Pokemon Go
Small biz profiting from Pokemon Go

When choosing a restaurant for a first date, there are some basics you need to know. Is the ambiance romantic? Does it have vegan options? Is it near a Pokestop?

Yelp (YELP) is the latest company to try and cash in on the Pokemon Go craze. The review site has added a "Pokestop Nearby" filter to show you which business are located near a Pokestop, the locations where players can stock up on Pokemon-catching supplies.

That means instead of randomly wandering the streets, you can go bar-to-bar and search for Psyducks at the bottom of a martini glass while loading up on Pokeballs.

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On Friday, the company announced the new feature and urged customers to chime in. It's asking players to help identify what business are Pokestop-adjacent by checking in to locations. Say you check into a poke (the Hawaiian fish salad) restaurant, Yelp will now ask if there is a Pokestop nearby.

At the moment, Yelp's Pokestop map is a little sparse, but that could change as armies of Pokemon hunters head out again this weekend. Smart businesses will likely flag themselves in an attempt to lure people inside.

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