'Late Show' brings back Jon Stewart and Colbert's 'Colbert Report' persona

Jon Stewart and Colbert persona appear on 'Late Show'
Jon Stewart and Colbert persona appear on 'Late Show'

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" brought back not one, but two late night legends Monday night: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Report" alter-ego.

During Monday's live CBS "Late Show" covering the Republican National Convention, Colbert told his audience that he needed to figure out how we as a nation got to Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. This led the host to go deep into the woods to find a secluded cabin and a secluded Stewart.

"Listen Stephen, the old Jon Stewart talked about politics, and things like that... Jeb Bush will be a great nominee," Stewart said trying to close the door on his old friend.

"Jon, it's not Jeb," Colbert responded before telling Stewart that it was Trump leading the former "Daily Show" host to spit water in Colbert's face.

The two then went back and forth coming up with descriptions for Trump like "decomposing Jack-O-Lantern" and "An angry creamsicle."

However, Colbert didn't come to the hidden cabin for Stewart's expertise, but rather that of his old "Colbert Report" persona.

Colbert's alter-ego took up the host's request and came out on "The Late Show" stage on a chariot with a Captain America shield and giant sword.

"Hello, Nation. Did you miss me? I know I did," Colbert in character said as the crowd chanted, "Stephen! Stephen!"

Colbert then launched into one of his most famed "Colbert Report" bits, "The Word."

"This is just the brave new world of American democracy and it brings me to tonight's Word... Trumpiness," Colbert said at his "Late Show" desk to the roaring crowd. "Remember, elections aren't about what voters think, it's about what voters feel."

Stewart's appearance was leaked last week, but Colbert going back into his old routine came as a surprise.

For some on social media, the return of Stewart and Colbert's persona was a welcomed return to the two comedians' glory days at Comedy Central.

"'Stephen Colbert' has stepped in for Stephen Colbert," tweeted Lauren Ehrler of the Des Moines Register. "And everything is right in the world again."


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