Montel Williams walks off The O'Reilly Factor

Why did Montel Williams walk off The O'Reilly Factor?
Why did Montel Williams walk off The O'Reilly Factor?

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and television personality Montel Williams are in a public spat after Williams walked off O'Reilly's show on Wednesday night.

Speaking on his show, O'Reilly attributed Williams' walk-off to "some gay thing," then called the absent Williams "cowardly," and "unprofessional."

"He will never be never be on this program again. He's not a man of his word, he's unprofessional," O'Reilly said on the show. "That is about as low as it gets."

Williams, who spoke to CNNMoney after the incident, offered a more specific account: He said he'd been told that the segment was going to focus on an LGBT speech that he'd given earlier in the day, as well as a poll suggesting that President Obama is a racist (Williams intended to knock that poll down).

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But when he arrived, Williams said, he was told the segment was only going to be about the poll. "Suddenly [Fox News host] Eric Bolling is involved and it's all about Obama being a racist," Williams said. "I walked before air, they chased me half way around the building. My detail had to stop them."

"I'm solely focused on my [LGBT] speech," he said. "When that was eliminated, why stay?"


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