Donald Trump to host Reddit AMA

Donald Trump officially GOP nominee
Donald Trump officially GOP nominee

Redditors will get a chance to ask Donald Trump anything they want on Wednesday evening.

The Republican presidential nominee is scheduled to host a Reddit AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) session starting at 6:30 p.m. ET, his campaign announced Monday. Trump is the first Republican presidential nominee to host an AMA.

The questions and answers will be posted on "The_Donald" subreddit, which has over 180,000 subscribers, instead of "IAmA," where most high-profile AMAs are hosted. (Hillary Clinton fans have a subreddit page that has about 21,000 subscribers.)

Moderators of The_Donald subreddit celebrated the news with a post that called the candidate "our God Emperor, the Nimble Navigator, Mr. Donald J. Trump!"

"(T)his train has absolutely no brakes! If you thought you were tired of winning after the unbelievable success of last week's RNC, get ready for more!" the post said.

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Several users have requested a Trump AMA in the past year, teasing questions which range from his motivations for running for office to changes he would make to the physical appearance of the White House.

Trump's AMA will take place on the same day President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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