Trump 'gold card' now 65% off

How Trump made millions from a failed company
How Trump made millions from a failed company

Now voters can get a Trump campaign "gold" membership on the cheap.

The gold membership card was previously only available to donors who contributed $100, but now the minimum donation has been slashed to $35, according to the web site.

"Please know that not just anyone is eligible for Executive Membership," said the site's pitch. "It's a power, duty, and responsibility reserved only for those supporters who have displayed a steadfast commitment to our movement."

The card includes Trump's name in large letters, the supporter's name, and Trump's signature over the words "Authorized by the future President of the United States."

trump card 35 dollars

Trump's campaign and the Republican Party took in $80 million in contributions in July, most of which came from small donors.

Trump's is not the only campaign offering a membership card. Earlier this year, when Trump said "We will not be letting her get away with playing the female card," the Clinton campaign responded by offering its supporters "The official Hillary for America Woman Card."

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A Clinton supporter only had to send in $1 to get Woman Card. During the Republican convention the Clinton campaign brought back the card in a one-day flash sale.

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