Elon Musk: Fast facts

Elon Musk in 90 Seconds
Elon Musk in 90 Seconds

Occupation: CEO, SpaceX and CEO, Tesla

Also known for: Co-founding PayPal (PYPL), rescuing SolarCity (SCTY)

The South-African born investor and entrepreneur played seminal roles in a number of successful online ventures before disrupting the transportation industry. At 24, Musk and his brother co-founded Zip2, a service that gave online newspapers access to maps and directories. Musk eventually sold the company and walked away with $22 million -- before he turned 30.

With money to burn, he started X.com, the a web-based financial services company that would eventually become PayPal.

These days, Musk has his eyes on ways to preserve the planet (and ways to leave it). In 2002, he co-founded SpaceX. The spacecraft maker has since signed deals with NASA and demonstrated impressive feats like landing a rocket in the ocean. In 2004, Musk took control of Tesla (TSLA), the electric car company that is also developing self-driving models.

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