What Florida voters want

FAMU tackles the 2016 election
FAMU tackles the 2016 election

If I want to understand the currents in this election, Florida is the place to visit.

The state has voted for the winner in every race since 1996. Most memorably, the highly controversial Bush victory over Al Gore in 2000. And in 2012, when President Obama beat Mitt Romney by just 1%.

The state's demographics are changing dramatically, with the growth of new industries and arrival of a more Hispanic population.

But Florida itself is a split state.

Looking like a frying pan, the so-called pan handle in the north, is predominantly right wing and conservative. Southern Florida, including Miami, tends to be much more liberal.

We are going to visit the lot!! From Tallahassee to Key West. So put on your seat belt. Get out the sun glasses. Lower the roof. And join us.

boomerang 1
Imagine performing on one leg! The famous Marching 100 band of FAMU nails it. They're so popular that the stadium doesn't fill up until it's time for their halftime show.

A big concern for Florida A&M University: Which candidate will better support historically black colleges? Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine both have visited FAMU this year, and Donald Trump is holding a rally in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

FAMU richard quest 2
Richard Quest talks to FAMU's interim president, Larry Robinson.

Next stop: Meeting up with a group of young female students at Florida State University who are members of acapella group AcaBelles. Their views are as strong as their voices.

We've moved from Tallahassee to the center of Florida, where we are among the orange and citrus groves listening to what's most important to the people of this state. Today, we spoke with a fourth generation Florida citrus family who run Uncle Matt's Organic in Clermont, Florida.

We're in Miami now, hanging out with DJ Irie - one of the hottest DJs around who's also known as the unofficial 'mayor of Miami.' He's a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, saying she has a proven track record so for him it is a no brainer.

florida quest djirie 1
Richard Quest interviewing DJ Irie about the election and why he's voting for Hillary Clinton

It was late evening when I arrived in West Palm Beach, after a 3-hour drive across Florida. Retiree Sue and her group of bridge players were ready to talk politics over dessert! Most are well into their 70's and beyond, all strong liberal Democrats, many having already cast their ballot in early voting.

Florida's powerful voting bloc: Retirees
Florida's powerful voting bloc: Retirees

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