Colbert and 'Daily Show' find nothing funny in election results

The year late night picked a side
The year late night picked a side

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, who have frequently used Donald Trump as a punchline, went live on Election Night but they weren't laughing.

"Too close to call, and too frightening to contemplate," Colbert said opening the live telecast of "The Late Show" on Showtime. "It's a nail-biter and a passport grabber."

Colbert enjoyed the uncensored nature of CBS' premium cable sister station using profanities and even a quasi-naked man to help bring in the election results, but the host seemed to be a bit less jovial with Donald Trump winning state after state in the election.

He wasn't the only one.

Noah opened the live "Daily Show" on Tuesday saying that if viewers came for jokes that they came to the wrong place because he was "literally s****ing his pants."

"This is it. The end of the presidential race, and it feels like the end of the world," Noah said.

Both shows aired before the final vote was determined.

The hosts of "The Late Show" and "The Daily Show" were two of the only late night personalities on air on Election Night because the election preempted telecasts on major networks.

As for Colbert, the host spoke with a guest panel and directly to viewers about the election and the political culture of the country.

"This is a moment for people to understand that political involvement is a responsibility," Colbert said during "The Late Show" panel. "It's imperative to not lose heart."


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