LG shows off chore-performing robots and a TV as thin as wallpaper

Hands-on with LG's screen that rolls up like a newspaper
Hands-on with LG's screen that rolls up like a newspaper

Humans might welcome a robot revolution, if they're designed to do our chores.

LG (LPL) unveiled on Wednesday at CES 2017 a collection of new robots, including one that makes yard work less of a hassle.

The company's new lawn mower device -- LG didn't share the official product name -- is its first non-cleaning robot. It looks a bit like its existing automated vacuum cleaners but trims grass rather than sucking up dust bunnies.

The robot is equipped with location sensors to recognize hedges or other objects in its path. LG didn't elaborate on the price or when it will become available but emphasized its focus on robots in the year ahead.

lg hub robot ces 2017

However, the product that received the biggest reaction at its press conference wasn't a robot at all: a TV so thin it looks like wallpaper.

LG's new W-series TV -- the "w" stands for wallpaper -- is just a tenth of an inch think. It connects to the wall with magnetic brackets.

lg tv thin ces 2017

The W was unveiled two years ago as a concept model, but it will hit stores later this year. The company said it will cost "a thousand or two" more than the OLED TV it unveiled last year, which starts at $8,000.

The W comes in two OLED display sizes: 65 inches and 77 inches.

LG also said all of its appliances moving forward will come with Wi-Fi connection capabilities, including a new refrigerator with an Android touchscreen panel.

The company continues to embrace the smart home space, too. Its new LG Hub Robot smart speaker -- available in small and large sizes -- controls internet-connected products like lights, plays music and acts as a personal assistant.

Think that sounds familiar? LG is the latest brand, along with Google (GOOG) and Lenovo (LNVGF), now competing with Amazon's popular Echo device.

But LG's Hub looks a bit different. The white robot features a glass screen "face" with "eyes" that looks at you as it takes requests. It doesn't, however, have its own proprietary voice assistant and relies on Amazon Alexa to perform skills like play music.

lg airport robot ces 2017

LG also teased a series of robots designed to clean the floors and escort you around public spaces like the airport. According to the company, you scan your boarding pass via the Airbot and it will tell you details about your gate and what the weather is like at your destination.

The cylindrical assistant resembles a Dalek from BBC's hit show Doctor Who.

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