Denmark will get world's first tech ambassador

Slush: Where startups meet investors
Slush: Where startups meet investors

Denmark is appointing the world's first tech ambassador.

The job is yet to be filled, but the move highlights the growing importance of the tech sector for the Danish economy.

"In the future, our bilateral relations with Google (GOOGL) will be just as important as those we have with Greece," said Anders Samuelsen, Denmark's foreign minister.

Samuelsen described the Danish government's efforts at strengthening its ties with the world's biggest tech companies as "TechPlomacy."

The tech ambassador will carry out similar duties to other Danish ambassadors, and negotiate on behalf of the country. Samuelsen said he or she will also talk to tech companies about issues such as data security and privacy.

"On the other hand, of course, there is the question of where to put the next investments, and hope we can convince these companies to invest in Denmark," he added.

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Facebook announced last week that it will build a new 55,000-square-meter (600,000 square-feet) data center in Odense, the country's third largest city.

The news has been welcomed in Denmark. According to the government, only 1% of companies operating in Denmark are foreign, despite being responsible for 20% of all Danish jobs.

"This will benefit companies and the Danes through increased growth, smarter working procedures, better solutions for the environment and much more," Brian Mikkelsen, Denmark's business minister, said in a statement.

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