Beyoncé twin news met with odd tweets from Denny's, Atlanta Police Department

Beyoncé in 98 Seconds
Beyoncé in 98 Seconds

Beyoncé may have trumped President Trump in Twitter traffic on Wednesday when superstar singer announced she was pregnant with twins.

According to Twitter (TWTR), there were more than half a million tweets about Beyoncé in the 45 minutes immediately following her revelation -- most from users conveying happiness or surprise about the singer's growing family.

And then there were the tweets from Denny's and the Atlanta Police Department.

The restaurant chain tweeted, "Wow, bey has TWO buns in the oven! that's just an expression by the way. please don't eat those buns. they are babies."

Denny's has a history of odd tweets, but Wednesday's Bey and buns tweet was met by many with bemusement. Fusion culture writer Charles Pulliam-Moore wrote, "What're you doing, @DennysDiner? Like actually, what are you doing?"

Others users like Bloomberg reporter Polly Mosendz simply asked if the account was "ok."

If that tweet wasn't perplexing enough, the Atlanta Police Department jumped in the social media moment with a tweet reminding citizen's to not take part in "celebratory gunfire."

"#Beyoncé may have everyone wanting to celebrate her pregnancy, but remember no celebratory gunfire!" read the account's now deleted tweet. "Stay safe, Atlanta!"

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There were more tweets from Beyoncé fans suggesting a wide range of comical baby names for the twins.

Issa Rae of HBO's "Insecure" was a lone voice of reason in Bey-b craze when she tweeted, "Should she name them Yellow and Lemonade? No? Okay. *Nods and escorts self out*."


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