Justin Bieber's 'oddly delightful' Super Bowl ad

This year's Super Bowl ads
This year's Super Bowl ads

T-Mobile (TMUS) may have just pulled off a bigger trick than getting you to switch your phone service: thanks to their Super Bowl commercial, people are praising Justin Bieber.

The phone company enlisted the superstar singer for its #UnlimitedMoves ad spot in which he is a "celebration expert."

Wearing a tux and sporting glasses, the Biebs takes the audience through the history of football's celebratory moves.

#UnlimitedMoves is a campaign to promote the cell phone company's unlimited data plan.

It's a good look for Bieber who more recently had been making headlines for some bad behavior and for quitting Instagram in a huff.

Naturally the Beliebers love it, but he's drawing praise from other corners too, including CNET's Chris Matyszczyk who called it "oddly delightful."

Not everyone is a fan, however.

Natt Garun of The Verge called Bieber a "terrible actor," but admitted: "It's cringeworthy, but I can't stop watching."

On Monday afternoon, T-Mobile announced it would be bringing Bieber back to Instagram after his five month absence.


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