Here's why the internet didn't work very well today

The internet was a little difficult for people to navigate on Tuesday.

Amazon Web Services, the popular storage and hosting platform used by a huge range of companies, experienced intermittent outages Tuesday afternoon.

People reported outages and delays on services like Slack, Trello, Sprinklr, Venmo and even Down Detector, which is the site that shows where real time outages are occurring. Affected sites said the outage began around 12:40 p.m. ET; AWS said the issue was resolved shortly before 5 p.m. ET (although Down Detector was still unavailable).

The outage didn't just affect websites -- AWS clients that use cloud storage were also impacted. Nest customers reported widespread issues with their cameras, and the company tweeted that it was likely because of the AWS outage. Other services like encryption and content delivery (used to distribute things like video for websites) were also impacted.

Earlier Tuesday, Amazon (AMZN) acknowledged that servers located in Northern Virginia were having issues.

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