Christian Dior shares spike on $13 billion takeover bid

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Luxury group LVMH and its billionaire CEO Bernard Arnault are set to take full control of Christian Dior.

The French billionaire proposed a €12 billion ($13 billion) deal on Tuesday that was cheered by the shareholders of both luxury titans.

Dior shares trading in Paris advanced as much as 13% to hit a record high, while LVMH shares jumped 4.5%.

The proposed deal is complicated -- but the end goal of the transaction is simplicity.

The Arnault family already owns a controlling interest in both Christian Dior (CHDRY) and LVMH (LVMUY). Arnault is chairman of both firms.

The family is offering to pay a 15% premium for the 26% of Dior they don't already own. The deal would also bring Dior's couture business under LVMH's umbrella.

The "transactions will allow the simplification of the [business] structures," Arnault said in a written statement.

LVMH owns a vast array of high-end brands operating in industries ranging from fashion to perfume and cosmetics. It manages brands including Louis Vuitton, TAG Heuer, Moët & Chandon and Benefit Cosmetics.

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Luxury brands have come under pressure in recent years as sales in the West have slowed or declined.

Allyson Stewart-Allen, a director at International Marketing Partners, said the deal will also help LVMH diversify. Dior's biggest regional market is Asia, accounting for over 30% of its sales.

"It's a risk management strategy to diversify your portfolio ... but it's also about going for growth," she said. "In the emerging markets, Dior is growing."

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It's nearly in the bag! The Arnault family is coordinating a €12 billion deal between LVMH and Christian Dior.

The companies said they expect the deal to close in the next few months.