Jane Goodall has some advice for Ivanka Trump

Ivanka's White House role called into question
Ivanka's White House role called into question

Ivanka Trump's new book, "Women Who Work," includes an inspirational quote from Jane Goodall, the globe-trotting animal behavior expert and conservationist.

"What you do makes a difference," reads the quote, "and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

But Goodall has some advice for the first daughter, too.

In a statement to CNNMoney after the book was released Tuesday, Goodall said that the Trump administration has put wildlife, national monuments, clean air and clean water in jeopardy.

She said she was not aware that Ivanka Trump planned to use her quote in the book, but she said: "I sincerely hope she will take the full import of my words to heart. She is in a position to do much good or terrible harm."

"Legislation that was passed by previous governments to protect wildlife such as the Endangered Species Act, create national monuments and other clean air and water legislation have all been jeopardized by this administration," she continued. "I hope that Ms. Trump will stand with us to value and cherish our natural world and protect this planet for future generations."

Goodall, 83, holds the honorary title of messenger of peace for the United Nations and is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, which advocates for wildlife and conservation.

In a statement to CNNMoney, representatives for Ivanka Trump said the book was not political.

"Ivanka has always believed that no one person or party has a monopoly on good ideas," the statement said. "When she was writing this book, she included quotes from many different thought leaders who've inspired Ivanka and helped inform her viewpoints over the years."

The book includes advice from an array of celebrities, business moguls and other influential people, mostly on leadership, success, work-life balance and making a difference in the world.

The inspirational quotes were not provided specifically for the book. Ivanka Trump used them with citations and credit. Ivanka Trump has pledged to donate a portion of her book advance and any royalties to charity.


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