Fed Chair Janet Yellen hospitalized and released

How the Federal Reserve works
How the Federal Reserve works

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen spent three nights in a London hospital for a urinary tract infection, according to a statement from the central bank.

Yellen, 70, was admitted on Friday, released on Monday and returned to Washington D.C. She plans to continue her regular schedule, the Fed said.

Yellen was in London for an event at the British Academy and stayed for a short family vacation.

It's not Yellen's first health scare as Fed Chair. In September 2015, she stumbled on her words in a speech at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and had to be helped off stage. The Fed said at the time she was dehydrated after speaking on stage for nearly an hour.

Yellen's term as Fed Chair ends next February. President Trump could reappoint her to another term -- if she wants to stay on -- or he could choose to nominate someone else.

The Fed's committee that decides whether to raise or lower interest rates next meets on July 25 and 26. The central bank raised rates in December, March and June.

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