Shoppers are warming up to Kellogg's frozen foods

Why Kellogg's is opening a cereal restaurant in NYC
Why Kellogg's is opening a cereal restaurant in NYC

Busy shoppers are warming up to Kellogg's frozen foods.

For the first time in two and a half years, the company reported growing sales, thanks largely in part to frozen offerings such as Eggo waffles and Morningstar Farms breakfast sandwiches.

Kellogg's stock soared 7% following the report.

While cereal is still king of the breakfast world, frozen foods are having a moment -- especially frozen sandwiches and pizzas.

The global frozen food industry as a whole is expected to bring in $360 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research.

Healthy frozen offerings are doing particularly well, says Darren Seifer, a retail analyst at research firm NPD Group.

"Consumers have always demanded speed. They're also demanding more protein. That's been a huge driver of frozen breakfast sandwiches," Seifer adds.

Kellogg is capitalizing on that trend with its Morningstar Farms brand, which offers meat-free takes on classic breakfast staples such as the sausage, egg and cheese.

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This may all seem like great news for Kellogg's new CEO Steven Cahillane, who took over earlier this month. But there's cause for concern.

The company's breakfast division -- which still relies heavily on sugary staples such as Frosted Flakes and Pop-Tarts -- sunk 3% last quarter compared to the same time last year. Kellogg's stock is down nearly 16% overall this year.

Kellogg also suffered a PR blowup earlier this month after a consumer complained that the art on its Corn Pops cereal boxes was racist.

Still, Kellogg's breakfast division isn't exactly dried up. It makes up 22% of the company's $13 billion in annual sales, slightly less than its snack division, which makes Keebler, Cheez-Its and Pringles.

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Kellogg (K) is even rolling out a new breakfast cereal in November: Chocolate Frosted Flakes.

Kellogg hopes the chocolate flavor will make up for the fact that Kashi -- the black sheep of Kellogg's cereal offerings -- continues to slip. Kellogg has badly mismanaged the brand, overexpanding and failing to ward off an increasing number of competitors.

To also attract more health-conscious consumers, Kellogg is investing in the lucrative snack business.

In one of his first big moves as CEO, Cahillane announced plans to purchase America's fastest-growing nutrition bar company, RXBar.

But for now, investors are embracing what Americans have always known: There's nothing quite like a good breakfast sandwich.

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