This stationery company wants to be your holiday party go-to

This tech company wants to get people face-to-face
This tech company wants to get people face-to-face

The holidays are just around the corner. That means it's time to party.

There are lots of ways to send a save-the-date or an invitation. But Paperless Post, an online stationery company, thinks its new features may entice you to use their cards to get people to your holiday parties -- even if you're a novice host.

"If you're not someone who'd normally host a holiday party, we'd love to change your mind," said co-founder James Hirschfeld.

He walked CNNMoney through some new things his company is doing to kick-off the season.

Its biggest launch is Paperless Post Flyer, a customizable digital flyer that helps to promote an event with a casual feel. The tool, which is still in beta testing mode, gives people more flexibility when planning an event. It's free to try.

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Paperless Post is also debuting themed cards that allow people to celebrate the holidays in even more ways. These include new cards for traditional parties, cards that match a host's sense of humor and cards for holiday housewarming parties, which are a thing, according to Hirschfeld.

He's hoping that the new designs will encourage first-time hosts and hostesses.

"We have some ideas on our blog for celebrations that don't require a big crowd" and tips for last-minute parties, he said.

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For anyone who's still looking to send out invites, Paperless Post has them in spades.

Popular options include cards like "Forest Fete," which features cartoon deer and other forest animals dressed in formal wear. More classic options are also available and include designs with fir leaves and the printed lyrics to popular Christmas carols.

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