These companies want to help with your New Year's resolutions

How Pressed Juicery fed the juice craze
How Pressed Juicery fed the juice craze

A new year means making resolutions. Including the classics -- eating better and exercising more.

For people who have trouble committing, companies like ClassPass and Pressed Juicery are adding incentive to help people stay on track.

ClassPass allows users to book fitness classes at studios in cities around the world. Pressed Juicery sells cold-pressed juices, milks and soft-serve made out of fruits and veggies.

To help attract members, ClassPass is offering 70% off the first month of all its workout plans, according to founder Payal Kadakia.

Package prices vary by city. Cincinnati and San Antonio are among the cheapest, with three classes for $20 a month and 10 for $70. New York is the most expensive: Three--packs cost $45 a month and 10-packs $135.

Founder Hayden Slater said Pressed Juicery is offering discounts on cleanses, individual juices and milks.

Cleanses purchased in the store start at $25 a day for six juices. Online orders start at $55. Pressed Juicery is also launching a membership program in which users will get discounted juices and perks.

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Both Kadakia and Slater told CNNMoney that sign-ups and traffic increase this time of year.

"We've found that many people sign up in January and begin working out right away," Kadakia said. "ClassPass strives to help them complete their New Year's resolutions (and their everyday resolutions) in a fun and meaningful way."

Users tend to stay strong at the start of the year. February 28th was the most popular workout day on the app.

Slater said he knows adopting a healthier lifestyle can be hard: He used to be overweight and loved junk food.

Now that he's committed to making healthier choices, he wants to help others -- even if it's with small changes. One of the ways Pressed Juicery is doing that is by making healthy options more affordable and accessible.

"For us the new year is not about stringent diets," Slater said. "It's about doing the things that make you feel good and that are good for you, and we are here to help."

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