Top Facebook security executive says he's still with the company

Facebook suspends data firm with Trump ties
Facebook suspends data firm with Trump ties

Facebook's top security chief said he is still with the company following reports that his tenure may soon be over.

Alex Stamos, Facebook's chief security officer, says he's still "fully engaged" in his work at Facebook. In a tweet, Stamos said his role changed, but "I'm currently spending more time exploring emerging security risks and working on election security."

His remarks follow a New York Times report published late Monday that said Stamos is planning on leaving Facebook by August. According to the Times, his departure is partly a result of company disputes regarding how much to share about nation states manipulating Facebook, and internal restructuring leading up to the 2018 midterm elections.

In a statement to CNN, a spokesperson for Facebook (FB) said he is still the CSO.

"He has held this position for nearly three years and leads our security efforts especially around emerging security risks," the company said in a statement. "He is a valued member of the team and we are grateful for all he does each and every day."

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However, while both Facebook and Stamos said he is currently still with the company, neither denied he would be leaving in the near future.

Stamos joined Facebook in 2015 after previously serving as the chief information security officer at Yahoo.

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