China tariffs: Artificial teeth, flamethrowers and other things on the list

US trade with China, explained
US trade with China, explained

The long list of Chinese products that could be subject to US tariffs is here.

The Trump administration on Tuesday identified about 1,300 Chinese exports that could be targeted following a months-long investigation into intellectual property theft.

Key areas of focus include China's aerospace and manufacturing industries. Some oddities — like bookbinding machines and artificial teeth — also made the cut.

Here are some highlights.

Aerospace and marine equipment

— Air combat flying simulators
— Airplane parts
— Helicopters
— Tanker, ferry and fishing boats


— Bookbinding machines
— Brewery machines
— Can-sealing machines
— Centrifuges
— Concrete mixers
— Drilling machines
— Hand-held blow torches
— Industrial dryers
— Milking machines
— Nuclear reactors
— Plows
— Snowplows
— Textile printing machinery
— TV parts
— Tower cranes
— Train parts
— Water boilers

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Medical supplies

— Artificial body parts
— Artificial teeth
— Catheters
— Defibrillators
— Dental fillings
— Hearing aids
— Malaria test kits
— Syringes
— Vaccines for humans and animals
— X-ray machine parts


— Artillery weapons
— Cash registers
— Fire extinguishers
— Flamethrowers
— Seismographs

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