Guggenheim Partners' Scott Minerd: 'This is the rally to sell, not to buy into'

Guggenheim investment chief: Expect a recession in the next two years
Guggenheim investment chief: Expect a recession in the next two years

Scott Minerd, managing partner at the global investment and advisory firm Guggenheim Partners, has a message for investors.

"This is the rally to sell, not to buy into," Minerd told CNN correspondent Paula Newton on CNNMoney's "Markets Now" on Wednesday.

Minerd said a recession could hit in about two years. He cited two historical patterns: A narrowing of what's called the yield curve, the gap between short and long-term Treasury rates, and a move toward what economists consider full employment.

But there are still opportunities to gain in the market, Minerd said.

"That penultimate year before a recession often has the best return for equities, on average in the area of 15 or 20%," he said.

The recent surge in earnings, he added, and relatively low interest rates mean that "we probably have some more room to run in stocks."

"I think for people that are in the market, they should stay in," Minerd said. But "you're kind of getting late in the game," to start buying, he said.

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— CNN's Matt Egan contributed to this report.

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