Is this as good as it gets for the economy?

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Second-quarter economic growth is expected to be strong. But it might be downhill from there.

That's the forecast from Bricklin Dwyer, senior economist at BNP Paribas North America. This is probably as good as it gets, he says.

Dwyer will join CNNMoney editor-at-large Richard Quest on "Markets Now" on Wednesday to discuss the health of the economy and where the market is headed.

Many economists, including Dwyer, are predicting big second-quarter gains because of the Republican tax cuts and a tight labor market. Economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters expect a growth rate of 4.1%.

The economy grew at just a 2% pace in the first quarter. It's been growing for nine years, the second-longest boom on record. But Dwyer thinks the economy's momentum will probably fade.

He does expect robust growth for the rest of the year. And he says the markets will take advantage of the extra juice still left in the economy.

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