Now MoviePass will limit which movies you can see each day

MoviePass, AMC, and the future of movie going
MoviePass, AMC, and the future of movie going

MoviePass isn't finished making changes.

The troubled movie subscription service told customers Thursday that it will limit the films and showtimes that are available each day.

The restrictions are part of the company's transition to a new plan that allows customers to see only three movies a month. Previously, MoviePass offered a movie every day.

The service is fighting to stay in business and stop burning so much cash.

In an email to customers, CEO Mitch Lowe said MoviePass will offer up to six films a day to choose from. He added that availability might be limited depending on popularity.

The schedule of available films will be published online at least a week in advance.

On Thursday, the MoviePass website listed seven films, not six, available to watch that day, including a couple of recent top-five box office hits, "The Meg" and "BlacKkKlansman." But one of the weekend's most anticipated releases, "Crazy Rich Asians," will not be available until Sunday.

Most theaters require MoviePass customers to order their tickets in person. The restrictions do not apply to theaters that use e-ticketing. It's unclear how long MoviePass will enforce the movie limit.

The service has been tinkering with its features lately. Last month, it announced a price increase to $15 a month. A week later, it abruptly switched course and said it would keep the cost at $10, but only allow users to see three movies a month.

MoviePass amassed millions of subscribers after it stormed onto the scene last year promising unlimited movies in theaters. But it's down to its last $15 million in cash.

Stock in its parent company, Helios and Matheson (HMNY), was trading at 4 cents Thursday — down from a split-adjusted high of more than $8,000 last fall.


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