Amazon's cashier-free stores are coming to New York

Amazon opens checkout-free store
Amazon opens checkout-free store

Amazon will expand its cashier-free convenience stores to New York.

The company posted job listings for several positions, including store manager, on its website on Thursday. A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed its plan to open a Go store in New York, but did not provide details about when it will open or where it might be located.

"Come join Amazon Go and help our customers get good food, fast!" a description of the assistant store manager position says.

Amazon has three Go stores open in its Seattle home. The first one opened in January. Amazon also has plans to enter San Francisco and Chicago.

Amazon Go stores offer ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Go carries groceries like bread, milk, artisan cheeses and chocolate, as well as Amazon meal kits.

Although there are no checkouts or lines at Go stores, employees still need to stock the shelves, make food in the kitchen, and answer customers' questions.

The stores rely on cameras and sensors to constantly track customers and inventory as they move around.

Shoppers need to open the Amazon Go app to enter, and any products they take are automatically charged to their account when they leave. The technology in stores automatically detects when customers take or return products to shelves and keeps track of items in a virtual shopping cart.

—CNNMoney's Matt McFarland and Heather Kelly contributed to this story.

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