Cheapest cars to fuel

Among 2013 model year cars, these 10 cost the least to drive down the road.

Honda Fit EV

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  • Base price: $389 per month
  • Fuel: Electricity only
  • Electric fuel economy : 118 MPGe
  • Annual fuel cost: $500

The EPA rounds its annual fuel cost estimates to the nearest $50, which often results in ties like the one between the Scion iQ EV and this car, the Honda Fit EV. In cases like this, we looked at MPGe, or "miles per gallon equivalent," as the tie-breaker. MPGe is a measure of how far the car can go on an amount of energy equal to that contained in one gallon of gasoline. (That's 33.7 kilowatt hours, if you really want to know.)

Besides being cheap to drive, the Fit EV is also a really fun little car. Unfortunately, it's only available for lease in limited numbers and in limited areas. The good news is that lease price includes maintenance and insurance.

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