Cheapest cars to fuel

Among 2013 model year cars, these 10 cost the least to drive down the road.

Toyota Prius Plug-in

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  • Base price: $32,000
  • Fuel: Gasoline/electricity
  • Electric driving range: 11 miles
  • Electric fuel economy : 95 MPGe
  • Gasoline fuel economy: 50 MPG
  • Annual fuel cost: $850

With plug-in hybrids, in particular, the phrase "your mileage may vary" applies... a lot. That's because much of it depends on how far you drive between recharging the battery. These results are based on the EPA's assumptions about how many miles a typical driver would run their car on gasoline each year.

The Prius Plug-in travels only a short way on electric power, especially in extreme temperatures, but it's enough to boost efficiency, especially if you can recharge a lot.

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