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Behind the desk: Concierge true confessions

They fulfill even the most challenging guest requests

Bogie and Bacall

have have not

The Plaza, New York, N.Y.
Raphael Pallais, Chief Concierge

"A prince staying at The Plaza wanted to surprise his girlfriend and their group of 22 with a private showing of 'To Have and Have Not' starring Humphrey Bogart [and Lauren Bacall] in less than 24 hours. The smallest cinema the concierge service was able to rent out had a capacity of 200 people.

"After approval to rent the room with barely any notice, a second issue arose. The rented room had a different projector system which didn't read the old film correctly. After countless technicians and persistent concierges, they were able to swap out the projector the same day, and pull off a flawless experience for the prince and his party."

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