Old Fashioned

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Every gentleman should know how to dress and how to drink, says Derrick Turner, head bartender at Harding's, an upscale restaurant and bar in New York City.

Keep things simple and classy by making -- or ordering -- one of a few signature drinks, advises Turner.

The first is an Old Fashioned. It's easy to make, and only takes 4 ingredients.

Start with a sugar cube, 5 dashes of Angostura bitters, and a little soda water. Make a nice little paste in your glass, then "get your muddler, just muddle it out" until you get granulation, Turner says.

Don't have a muddler? No worries: Just use a teaspoon of granulated sugar instead of the cube.

Add 2 ounces of bourbon, stir, and you're done.

Now you're ready for a night with your buddies, Turner says. "Nice dinner, nice steak, Old Fashioned."

First published November 19, 2015: 11:33 AM ET

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