10.  EVA Air

best airport lounges eva taipei

Recognized by Skytrax as one of only nine 5-star airlines in the world, EVA Air's airport lounges are as world renowned as their airplanes.

Filled with a variety of unique cuisines from around the world, the Infinity Lounge in Taipei airport has a modern and classic ambiance that can make even a routine traveler excited about flying.

With futuristic decor and lots of florescent lighting, the Infinity takes modern to a whole new level. 

First published February 23, 2017: 1:42 PM ET
Every year since 1999, air transport rating firm Skytrax conducts a worldwide survey to assess which airlines are excelling in a number of categories. From cabin comfort, food service, customer satisfaction, and a range of topics, the 19.2 million customers surveyed, determine which airlines will win The World Airline Awards. Airline lounges were ranked based on over 15 different topics, including but not limited to, lounge ambiance and exclusivity, seat availability and comfort, standard of washrooms, a la carte dining options, wifi service and connectivity, and overall staff service and efficiency. 

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