15 execs who make more than their CEOs

Sure, corporate chiefs' pay often is eye-poppingly high. But at some companies, executives lower down the ladder quietly out-earned their CEO bosses.

Stephen B. Burke, $27 million

stephen b burke
  • Title: Executive VP, Comcast; CEO, NBCUniversal Holdings and NBCUniversal
  • Company: Comcast
  • CEO: Brian L. Roberts
  • Pay difference: $655,593

When you consider that Burke isn't just an executive VP, he's also CEO of NBCUniversal, it's obvious why he's being rewarded so handsomely.

Burke's behind a major turnaround at NBC. He took the job when the network was bleeding $600 million a year; now it's beating all the others in the ratings.

Comcast showed its appreciation by recently giving him a signing bonus -- and a 20% raise in salary -- for agreeing to stick around until 2018.

As a side note, part of the reason Burke made more than the CEO is because Roberts' base salary is temporarily frozen, in order to limit pay that isn't based on performance. --J.P.

Source: Equilar
  @CNNMoney - Last updated December 18 2014 09:12 AM ET

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