Dream companies for Asia's grads

Research firm Universum surveys business students in Asia each year to see where they most want to work. Here are the top employers they selected.

.  Apple

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Apple gained six spots in the rankings this year to emerge as the top choice for business students in Asia.

The tech behemoth has a tremendous sales record in the region, despite having only a handful of retail outlets in key countries like China.

CEO Tim Cook knows how important China in particular is to the future of Apple (AAPL), saying in January that China will one day surpass the United States as the company's top market.

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With much of Apple's manufacturing base in Asia, the company has come under fire for working conditions in factories run by its suppliers.

Earlier this week, the nonprofit China Labor Watch issued a report saying that one off Apple's major suppliers -- Pegatron -- violated labor rules and industry standards as it worked to pump out iPhones and Mac computers.

Source: Universum
Based on survey of 26,246 business students in China, Japan, India, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong who selected companies as one of their top 5 ideal employers.
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