7 hot toys for the holidays

Some of this year's coolest toys are from small toymakers. Here are seven hot toys that just might be the smash-hit of the holiday 2012 season.

Digi Fruit clock

digi fruit gamenamics
  • Company: Gamenamics
  • Location: Chicago
  • Price: $9.99
  • Age: 8 and up

Digi Fruit, from Chicago-based toymaker Gamenamics, is a digital alarm clock that kids have to assemble themselves. And instead of running on batteries, it runs on fruit.

The juice from a lemon or strawberry can function as an electrolyte conductor that, when connected to copper and zinc, completes a circuit to produce energy that powers the clock.

Gamenamics president Cathy Burton said the Digi Fruit is a fun toy that can help teach kids about alternative energy and greener living.

"The clock will continue to tell time for the life of each fruit you try," she said. The company, in partnership with Discovery Kids, has a build-your-own-toy line that also includes the Robosaur -- a robot dinosaur—and a build-it-yourself robot dog named "Robo Pup."

"They are fun to put together, and kids also learn about how toys are assembled and wired," she said.

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