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In a lousy economy, startup ideas can be found in surprising places. We asked Thumbtack.com which opportunities are drawing the most interest from entrepreneurs and their customers.

Bollywood dance instructor

mollie singh, solo entrepreneurs
Mollie Singh, 41 (top row, 2nd from right): Her Bollywood dance troupe has performed at Microsoft events.
  • Searches by would-be customers: 3,043 in 2012, up from 412
  • Entrepreneurs listed: 163 in 2012, up from 26
  • Typical pay: $24 an hour

Searches for Bollywood dance instructors on Thumbtack have increased six-fold from last year.

"Bollywood dance is ... fun and the costumes are beautiful. So more people are becoming attracted to it," said Mollie Singh, a Seattle-based program manager for Dell and Bollywood dance teacher.

Singh, who charges $18 to $40 an hour, has been teaching Bollywood dance in Seattle since 2008. She also teaches and manages a Bollywood dance troupe that has performed in corporate events at Microsoft and Boeing.

"My classes are growing. My troupe is getting more work. I could potentially do this fulltime if I wanted to," she said.

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