Taxes: Best and worst states

A study by the Tax Foundation has ranked which states have the best tax environment for business -- and which ones don't.


  • Rank: #48
  • Income tax: Very high
  • Corporate tax: High
  • Sales tax: Low

Vermont, with its high individual and property taxes, is on the other end of the spectrum and ranks third lowest in the country.

There are five income brackets. The highest marginal rate is 8.95% on any income over $388,350. That's on top of federal income taxes.

Businesses pay an effective property tax rate of 5.27%, the third highest in the country.

At 6%, sales taxes are also on the high side. Meanwhile, those businesses that pay corporate taxes get hit with an 8.5% rate for any profit made above $25,000.

The Tax Foundation gave Vermont credit for one policy, though. The state allows employers several exemptions to unemployment insurance payments, ensuring that businesses in industries with high turnover rates -- such as retail -- don't get hit disproportionally.

Source: Tax Foundation, 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index
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